According to the American Heart Association, stroke is the fourth most common cause of death in the U.S. and the most feared condition.

Survivors often openly state that they would trade their stroke for cancer or a heart attack any day!

Steve Boorstein

Steve Boorstein

As a stroke survivor and author of Different Strokes, I share my story—and the story of twenty other survivors and spouses—in an effort to help loved ones make more sense of the changes in their lives. I believe that the stories in Different Strokes will help bring peace, and a better quality of life to survivors and families. Stroke is hell, as all survivors and caregivers know—but there are often laughs! Together, we tell the whole story, from the heart —with humor and hope—as we face our ups and downs, physically, emotionally and cognitively. This web page, provides a place to buy the book, view my speaking schedule, and find information and links to other important sites.

Attention Survivors; Caregivers; Therapists; Support Group Facilitators

I had an idea a few weeks back that hit me like ice cream on the brain. But once it subsided, I realized that I had to help start the National Stroke Support Book Club (NSSBC). This is a three-tier volunteer program:

  • To offer affordable, easy-to-understand books, with a little larger lettering: helpful and inspiring stories to guide us through the crazy things we and our caregivers endure. 

  • To share a list of the TOP 100 topics that support groups find most entertaining and helpful. Email the TOP topics from your group to  to be added to the list! 

  • To share the methods that successful support groups use to bring people to meetings. Again, if you have a support group that's well attended and growing, please share your "secrets" with the rest of us!     

 We hope to post the lists in the next few months. Coming soon, an updated, national directory for support groups! Email your group name and contact information asap to be added to the list.

Help us make the NSSBC a reality, so we have groups to go to, topics to discuss, and books to read —or be read to—when we need them (which is as soon as we can read!). Different Strokes is the first title to be sold at special discount to support groups, with other titles on the way. Help us spread the word to therapists, friends in support groups and facilitators! Email Steve directly at to learn more about NSSBC. 

The fact is, stroke is widespread and growing, and it can be caused by more than just high blood pressure, plaque, alcohol, smoking, or from being overweight. This needs to be told: Healthy people have strokes too. The average person has no idea that a stroke can result from various genetic defects, low-grade whiplash from a car or bike accident, or from a seemingly innocent fall.

About 700,000 Americans suffer a stroke each year—one about every 45 seconds. Of these, 140,000 are fatal. But that leaves the 560,000 survivors—as well as health care professionals, caregivers, and family members—with the opportunity to read and share their Different Strokes.

Different Strokes covers many aspects of stroke, including: first signs of stroke, headaches, alternative healing methods, therapy, recovery, exercise, healthcare systems, and drugs and medications. It is an in-depth look at what surviving stroke can mean.

This is an essential book for anyone that has been involved with stroke.

Steven Boorstein should know, because at age fifty-three he suffered a stroke after being hit on the ski slopes of Vail. Part-memoir, part-how-to, Steven Boorstein's book will help you recover from a stroke— whether you were the victim of one, or had to watch a loved one suffer.

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A Book for both Men and Women— young and old

Steve interviewed twenty survivors, caregivers and spouses (the silent sufferers) for Different Strokes. Many spoke openly— without airs— about personality changes; returning to work; spousal relationships and sex after stroke; loss of life-long friends; relationships with teenagers: These stories pay homage to the soul, the mind, and the body!

“Steve's book will not only help people avoid stroke, it is a must-read for those who have had a ‘brain attack,’ and for friends and families.”

—John Newcombe

John Newcombe
John Newcombe

Wimbledon Champion
and stroke survivor

“Kirk Douglas has taught me more about being in the ‘skin of stroke’ than all the literature I have read over my many decades of practice. After having learned so much from the accounts of individuals who have undergone stroke, we as health professionals have grown in our ability to assist patients and their families. Human beings differ in their methods of coping with the consequences of stroke, as is emphasized effectively in Mr. Boorstein's book, Different Strokes. Each stroke is different in its subsequent outcome.”

—Betty L McMicken

Betty L McMicken
Betty L McMicken

Ph.D, Speech Pathologist
CSU Long Beach
Communication Disorders Dept.

“Worldwide, someone experiences a stroke every other second. Yet statistics don’t tell the real story of stroke. It is the stroke survivors— and the accounts of their circumstances, struggles, insights and achievements that truly reveal the humanity and the hope behind this serious medical condition. This is the context and the achievement of Steve Boorstein’s groundbreaking book Different Strokes.”

—Thomas J. Chippendale

Thomas J. Chippendale
Thomas J. Chippendale

MD Ph.D, Stroke Director
Scripps Hospital - Encinitas

About Steve

Steve Boorstein is a stroke survivor, writer and researcher. His passion is stroke-care advocacy and education. He has interviewed many survivors and their caregivers. In his pre-stroke life, Steve hosted a national radio show; appeared on “The View;” authored four books and produced three DVDs on clothing care. He is currently writing his next book and speaking on behalf of stroke awareness. Married, with two adult sons, Steve lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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